Cancel a Hold

Cancelling a hold is easy, but there is one very important point to remember.  If the item you have placed on hold has already arrived, it is too late to cancel.  Why?  This is because your librarian has already started the process of pulling the item from the shelf and placing it in the hold area for your pick-up.  Since someone could be waiting for the very same item because they also placed a hold, the best thing to do is to contact your library to let someone know you are no longer interested in the particular item.  

If your hold is still pending, here is how to cancel your hold.  Click My Account from the PAC toolbar.  Your Patron / Alternate ID Number and PIN will be requested if you have not previously logged on.  Click Holds from the Account Summary screen.  The Holds dialog displays with all of the items currently on hold and the status of each hold.  Look at the example below.


The area circled in red shows where you select the item you want to cancel.  You select each item you want to cancel, OR, as shown in the next example, select the check box beside Title and ALL of the pending holds on your list will be selected.  Did you really want to cancel ALL of the items on your list?  If you select the check box again, the check marks are deleted and your holds will remain on hold.


When you click Cancel, a message box will display for a few seconds stating, 'The hold(s) you selected have been canceled.'  The title(s) have been removed from your list and you are returned to the Holds dialog.

See View Holds for more information about Holds in My Account.
See also Suspend a Hold or Place an Item on Hold for additional information.