Log Off

Log Off is an option that populates on the PAC toolbar immediately upon logging on.  When you Log On and provide the required Patron information, the toolbar will display the Log Off button, as shown below:


When you are finished working with the PAC, it is very important to Log Off.  If you are still logged on and walk away from the PAC in your library, it is possible someone could view your account information.  The PAC will time out after inactivity, but if someone comes up right behind you to do a search, your information could still be available.  To protect your information, make a point to log off as soon as you are finished using the PAC.

Click Log Off on the PAC toolbar and the following displays:


If you did not mean to log off, the log on dialog is available for you to log back into the PAC.

See Log On for information about logging on.
See also PAC Toolbar Overview for other options on the PAC toolbar.