Search History

The Search History option appears in the PAC toolbar after you do your very first search.  As you continue to search using different search terms and explore different fields, the PAC builds a list of all the searches you have performed with the exception of Advanced.  Advanced searches performed will not display in your search history.

Any time you click Search History the list compiled will reveal your search information and the number of results found, as shown in the example below:


As stated in the
Search History dialog, to review the results from any search listed click the link of the search you want to view again.  Notice the Search Information for each search displays the search term, or keyword, you used in red and the search field (Titles, Authors, Subjects, etc.) and search type (begin with, contain, closely match, stem from, and sound like) in blue.  

The list will be cleared if you:

See Save Search for information on saving your search terms for future reference.
See also PAC Toolbar Overview for other options on the PAC toolbar.