Log On the PAC

As a patron, you have the choice to log on before you do your first search, or wait until you decide to place a hold on an item, or review something in My Account.  It is really up to you when you log on.  

Remember you will be asked for your log on (Patron / Alternate ID Number and PIN) when you get involved in an area that becomes unique to you.  In other words, placing a hold requires your patron information, because the hold is being assigned specifically to your library account.  In the same manner, viewing My Account involves looking at your personal information about your history with the library.

Logging on at the very beginning will help you avoid logging on every time you want to place a hold, or view My Account. The system will retain your information and populate the Log On dialogs throughout your session.
:  If you do not have an established Patron/ Alternate ID Number and PIN, or if you cannot remember your Patron / Alternate ID Number and PIN, see your librarian.

See Log On for specific instructions about logging on.  See also Log Off for information about the importance of logging off the PAC.