Set Limits

Do you want to search for an item in Chinese, or know the book you want is an Adult Biography?  Are you trying to find a particular video or CD?  The use of Set Limits will help to narrow your search results to those items found in the library (or branches) based on what you select in each area of the Set Limits dialog.  The choices are based on those items specific to your library and branches.  So, if you do NOT see the category you are interested in, you will know right away nothing will be found in your limited search.  For example, if you want to search for books in German, but under Language German is not an option, then nothing will be found in your library with German as a language.

Tips in using Set Limits:  

Let's take a look at the Set Limits dialog below:


The following sections can be modified:

To Use Set Limits

IMPORTANT: If you select ANY of the options in Set Limits, they will remain in place for any searches you perform afterwards.  If your search did not meet your expectations, and you want to make changes to any limits, click Change Limits on the Search dialog, or Result Set dialog and reset your limits.  Click the Clear All button to clear your choices and return to the default limits (All Collections, All Formats, All Languages, All Places, All Branches).  
 If you use Set Limits and nothing is returned in the result set, when you return to the main Search dialog Set Limits will be reset to the default limits.

See Keyword Search, Browse, Advanced, or New Items for search options where Set Limits can be used.