Keyword Search

The Keyword Search dialog in most instances is the first thing you see when you click the Search button on the Library's PAC toolbar.  Consider it your starting point in finding what you want.  Whether you know the information you want to search for (e.g., Title, Author, etc.) or not, this is the place to begin your search.

Let's take a look at the components that make up the Keyword Search.  Click the Keyword Search tab to display the following dialog:


First of all, what are you looking for?  Do you have an idea?  Do you know the author, or the title of the book, or an item you hope to find?  Or, do you have a subject you need to research?  Are you looking for a CD or DVD instead?  No problem!  Check out the drop-down list to the right of Find and these are the search fields you have available:

Okay, you got through selecting what you think will be most helpful in finding your item, but let's narrow it down even further.  The next drop-down list will help you get closer to what you want.  To the right of that, the drop-down list of search types shows:

Type your keyword(s) in the entry box to the right of word(s).  Here are some other acceptable characters:

To narrow your search even further you can use the Set Limits button, which gives options for dates, collection, format, language, and place.  See Set Limits for additional information.

You can adjust the number of results per page using the drop-down list to the right of Return, and by selecting the box to the left of Available Items Only view only those items available in your library or branches based on your search criteria.  

You have the ability to choose all branches, or particular branches of your library with the Select Location(s) drop-down list.

After setting up your search criteria, click Search.  The result set displays the item(s) available in your library or branches based on your search criteria.

See Understand Search Results, Understand Individual Search Result, and Understand Label Displays for information about what you see after your search parameters have been selected.
See also Advanced , Browse, and New Items for other ways to search the PAC.