Understand Search Results

You've set up your keyword search with whatever information you had (title, author, etc.), you clicked Search, and now you have a page of 'stuff' that matches some of the information you entered.  Or, maybe your search results hit exactly on the item you wanted based on the information you provided in your search criteria.

Let's discuss the search results, whether you got lucky or not.  Consider this example: You are looking for a book about 'peacocks'.  You are not sure who the author is, nor are you certain about any titles.  You select 'Keywords', 'contain', and type 'peacocks' in the designated entry boxes.  The search results might look like the example below.  


First of all, new buttons have been added to the toolbar, Search History and Save Search, as shown below:


These buttons, Search History and Save Search, populated by clicking 'Search', help save the search criteria you used with each search performed.  Let's look more closely at what these can do:

The top of the search results provides some noteworthy information.  From the result set you can answer the following questions:  

Click the page number, or Next Page to advance to the next 10, and so on, until you reach the last page.
To increase your page return, use the Set Limits button in the search form area to reset the results per page.  Increasing from 10 to 20, 30, or up to 100 will allow you to scroll longer before going to the next or previous page.

See Understand Individual Search Result for a better understanding about individual results, or Understand Community Info Search Results for understanding Community Info search results.
See also Understand Label Displays for specific information about each item found in the result set.