Do a Browse Search

If you want to browse for an item, select the Browse tab on the Search dialog, as shown below:


The Browse dialog displays, as shown below:


Once you click Search, your result set displays.  Let's look at the following example where a Browse search was done for Subjects and 'bees':


In the example shown above, three different, but related results display regarding the search term used.  One of the three also contains additional related material, shown by the See Also link.  The rest of the result set displays alphabetically the items following your selected term, in this case, 'bees'.  Using Previous Page or Next Page continues your browse for items alphabetically before or after your initial search term.  Top of Page takes you to the beginning of the current result set.

Clicking a link with only one match opens the label display for that item.  Multiple matches opens a result set similar to those viewed in Keyword, Advanced, or New Items searches.  

See Understand Browse Search Results and Browse for additional information about this search type.
See also Keyword Search, Advanced, or New Items for other search options.