Search Overview

You've clicked Search, now what?  Whether this is your first time at using your Library's PAC, or you have made several trips to the library and can get around comfortably, this topic will give an overview of what you see after you click Search.  You have numerous choices to make from this point on.  Consider this overview to be a road map to help you decide the best route to take.  You will be able to click the links below for further instructions on how to use the Search features in your Library's PAC and get on the shortest route to finding what you need.

Where do you want to go?  The Search options below may vary depending on your Library.  Each Library has the capability to add search options, as necessary.  So, if you see something discussed below, but do not see it as an option in your own Library's PAC, talk to your librarian.  TLC can work with your Library to provide additional search options.

The Set Limits button will narrow your search even further by using dates, collection, format, language, and place to pinpoint the item you want.  Are you looking for DVD's, or items in a certain language?  Set Limits will help display the search results you want.

Let's take a look at the search dialog below, displayed when you click Search from the PAC toolbar: